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Zack Makes His Own Luck ~ A New Book For Kids

Updated: Mar 28

What is the secret to making dreams and wishes come true?

This month I launched my new book, "Zack Makes His Own Luck." I was inspired to write the book when a little conversation occurred on the drive to school. Since my oldest was about three years old, every time he lucked out or over-exceeded at something, I just said, "You must have a leprechaun on your shoulder."

In the car that morning, my oldest of four boys mentioned something he did and then proceeded to say, "It must have been the leprechaun, Mama," and an idea was born. After dropping the big kids off at school, I came home with the twins and did our daily playing and tidying up. Once I put them down for a nap, I started to write out the story. I thought about asking the boys to illustrate again but then thought it was too much pressure and asked my friend, that's an author-illustrator, if she had time.

Zack didn't start as Zack, as I discovered by accident that the original name I had, was already used. I thought of many other names for my character, but then I would have to change the stanzas and so much more. Though I released the story in time for St. Patrick's Day, it isn't about the holiday, but since we seem to only think about Leprechauns around this time, I thought it was fitting.

So, what makes our dreams and wishes come true? Hard work and perseverance, of course. This story shows that anything we want and wish for comes from working hard and that we don't have to rely on luck to makes it happen. Zack is a young boy, just like any other. He succeeds at everything he wishes and carries a secret that he may tell you when he sleeps. But something in this story happens, and Zack finds himself in a place where he needs to figure out his next steps to keep being the best he can be at everything.

So I hope you enjoy the story and that it brings a smile. Once you have the book, maybe you can seek and find your own leprechaun inside! Enjoy your day and stay tuned, there's more adventures on the way!

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