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My name is Anna Florentina Junker, and I created this website and wrote my debut children's book, "Shall We Go Adventure? A Journey To Being You!" I am a mama of four boys, twins, and two older boys aged 6 and 7-year-old, which, by the way, are the illustrators of this book. A copy of this book, you must see!

My newest book is called 'Zack Makes His Own Luck". It's a very green, simple illustrations, rhyming story about a little boy that's just a normal kid, like any other kid, but he has an extraordinary secret. I wrote this book to inspire children to persevere through all their goals and not give up. It's a story about mindset and sends a message of believing in ourselves.

Just a quick rewind here... I'm also incredibly proud of my first book and the activity book that goes along with it. Oh, did you know that there's a full version of the activity book and a mini version of it? You can get the mini version by signing up for my monthly newsletter, or you can get a copy of "The Adventure Activity Book" on Amazon.

"I'm A Nature Lover, Ocean Obsessed, Waterfall Chaser, & A Tree Hugger"

My message to the world is simple... Happy kids are kids that live outdoors. Nature speaks to us in many ways. The only couple things we need to do are to take a deep belly breathe, open our minds, center into our hearts, and BOOM, this is where the magic begins. My book is all about being outdoors and adventuring throughout nature and the messages she holds. Through our connection to nature, nature can assist in creating emotional intelligence. Grounding is one way to do this. Toss the shoes, walk on the grass, lay on the dirt, your body will thank you for this, I promise!

Finding yourself stuck at home for any reason and need something to do? You can always purchase my book online from Amazon as I am still an inspiring self-published author learning the ropes of how all this goes and finding ways to get my book available on other platforms. Did you know that my book is available on Kindle Select? So you can grab your copy free; there's really no excuse.

I love getting an email from fans, and I assure you, I'll write back as soon as possible. You can also follow me on my Facebook Author Page and Instagram. Thanks so much for reading; enjoy my website, and I hope you stay in touch!

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