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Nature & The Elements

“Moon, Dearest Moon, Who Am I?”

My twin’s birth was the inspiration for this story, as they reminded me about the significance of who we were born to be. I wrote “Shall We Go Adventure?” for children, for Mother Earth, and for each of the elements on and around our beautiful who have unique characteristics of their own. There are various traditions and explanations near and far that explain the different aspects of the elements and the moon.

For me, it’s about learning about ourselves, understanding our emotions, which gives us the awareness that we are all born with characteristics of these elements, and some of these are more dominant than others, but a lesson to learn for sure.

The five elements, sun, and moon, our planet all remind us of a couple of things: everything is about balance; We cannot have light without dark, a day without night, sun without the moon, white without black, and so on. All this is balance and a balance that we need to sustain life. If we aren’t balanced, we don’t function to our best ability.

So finding a daily balance is imperative to our being and our purpose. Secondly, it is our connection to mother nature. We are all connected in one way or another. We are all energy beings. We receive guidance daily, even though it may be difficult for the young and old to understand these feelings and messages; this story gives us the capacity to decipher our curiosities about who and what we cannot quite piece together.

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