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How Does One Become A Self-Published Author?

’I've been an indie author for about five months.

I published my first book in just five weeks in October 2020. I have wanted to write a book since I was a little girl. I have always loved to read. My inspiration of writing began when I first met my favourite author, Robert Munsch, I was about six years old at the time. He did a school visit in our gymnasium, I recall being ever so excited. No child should ever grow up without “I Love You Forever!” Life takes you on many adventures as we all know, and my life motto is; if things that are meant to happen, don’t happen right at that moment, be sure that if it’s meant to show up, it will definitely do so.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be!”

When my first boy was born, I started writing little tidbits that I thought would make a good children’s book. I have always wanted to be an author; I tried to find out as much information as I could at that time, though being a first-time mom was a full-time job on its own. I went through some self-publishing companies, but they were way out of my budget. I heard from people that traditional publishers were almost impossible to be accepted. I tried to find out information about going at it alone, but at that time, it seemed the chances were small, so I just put it on the back of my mind and would return to it if something showed up.

Well, guess what? A few years later, well, more than a few, the opportunity came knocking! Back at the end of August, I embarked on a journey to fulfill this dream. I scrolled past an ad on Facebook; it said in big, bold letters, “The 5-Day Write a Children’s Book Challenge.” And with complete excitement, not much thought, I signed up. I surely didn’t know what to suspect. But I purchased the manual and waited for it to start.

“The 5-Day Write a Children’s Book Challenge.”

I no longer had the stories I wrote years back, so I had to start fresh. Low and behold, I had my 559-word book written by the end of day three of the challenge. I surprised myself, a full-time at-home mother of four boys, busy as can be, finished writing my first children’s story without hesitation. It had a beginning, a middle, and an ending; By Day four, I was already working on smoothing it out, and on day five, it was pretty much ready for the next step. I wrote a children’s book, now what?

“Children’s Book Blueprint”

Day 5: At the end of the challenge, Andrew L. Ramirez offered a fantastic opportunity, “Children’s Book Blueprint.” Publish your book in 5 weeks! I cannot express the overwhelming feelings I had, from excitement to nervousness, from worry to hesitancy, everything all in one. Still, one thing I knew for sure is that I couldn’t pass this up! I had no clue how this would turn out. I had no idea how to publish a book in 5 weeks, being a full-time housewife, homeschooling mama of not one, but four boys, two of whom are 1-year-old babies. An interesting and almost impossible path I just chose. But if not for challenges, life would be chaotic regardless.

So the story is written, and now the next steps. Taking the Children’s BOOK Blueprint was an incredible experience. I now not only had guidance as to what and how to publish a book, but it took me and everyone else on this journey step by step through the whole process. From editing to publishing, it takes you through it all, bit by bit. The training was comprehensive. It never left you in questioning because there wasn’t anything missing. The group became like a little virtual family, creating new friendships, new bonds, and new possibilities. As with anything in life, you run into issues in this writing process, these downward-spiraling pits; I indeed experienced this twice in those five weeks.

The Illustrators Of This Book Are 6 & 7 Years Old

I asked my two older boys if they wanted to be illustrators, and they loved the idea. The twins inspired the story, so this idea was perfect! The first “pit” that I went into was the worry that we weren’t going to complete the illustrations at the given time we had. I was getting nervous and frustrated, so close to giving up, but then I remembered the map Andrew gave us through the training, it was called “The Hero’s Journey!” It was undoubtedly a huge help during this fork in the road. I wanted to reach out for help from the group. Still, I do have a flaw in asking for help from others. In turn, I did much internal processing, asked what I needed, and moved through it, following the training, reviewing everything, and finally pushing through. The second was the formatting, but thanks to a couple of ideas from the team, that pit was peanuts.

We got to go through publishing my first book as a team. Wow! Was that ever exciting? But then only to find that there was a mistake in the formatting preview process. Once I fixed that, a couple of typical little learning curves for a first-time indie publisher, which is perfectly normal. On October 16, 2020, “Shall We Go Adventure? A Journey to being you!” Was finally live on Amazon.

“Both Paperback and Kindle Were Live & My Boys saw it go live!

What a Blessing! I had no words”

In conclusion, the “Children’s Book Blueprint” was a great experience overall. This whole process made me face some things about myself that I never even really know I had. Most of all, for the first time that I can recall, I succeeded in a career goal to the very end. A proud and happy woman I was. And I accomplished it in 5 weeks, even with a hectic mom’s life, kids, a house to uphold, oh the list can just grow and grow… But I did it! If I can, anyone can. The support from the group, the help, the shoulders to lean on, and the fantastic friendships birthed from this whole experience are all worth it in the end. Now I have a new children’s book coming out in mid-March, three completed stories, just deciding if I want to have them as a series or turn it into a first reader’s novel. And a YA novel that is very close to my heart that I finally have a chance to finish and publish hopefully by the end of this year.

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