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Are You Ready To Play?

Anna Florentina Junker always has so many ideas jogging for attention in her mind, which leads to some pretty great pieces. Have a look at her collection of writings, starting with her first release back in 2020.


"Connecting oneself to nature!"


Zack Makes His Own Luck

March 2021

Zack, a young boy, just like any other. He lives with his family, plays sports, goes to school... But what you do not know is a secret that he keeps. This is a story of luck, perseverance, and persistence. Full of magic and possibilities that both children and adults will enjoy over and over again.

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Shall We Go Adventure?

A Journey To Being You!

October 2020

Embark on an adventure through nature and discover the messages it holds for you. Travel through all the elements and beings that our beautiful planet has in this imaginative picture book, featuring charming art drawn by children for children. This book will inspire children to discuss their feelings, express their curiosities, ask questions, and help them acknowledge their reason for being. 
Perfect for the toddler or young reader in your life and preschool, kindergarten classrooms.


Adventure Activity Book

November 2020

If you loved the story, then maybe you're ready to continue the journey to being you? 

If you enjoyed the calm and warmth of "Shall We Go Adventure?" you will see this little activity book as an opportunity for you and your child to work through a few of the activities that will further their adventure into being.

Parents, if you are looking for a fun way to encourage your children's journey to self-awareness, have them visualize, imagine and achieve their dreams and goals, this is indeed the activity book for you. Help your child build their cognitive potential with every page and so they can have fun learning about themselves and nature. 


Included in the book are:

  • Coloring Pages

  • Worksheets on Self Awareness

  • Mindful Word Search

  • Nature Mazes

  • Drawing Pages

  • Fill In The Blanks