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A Bit About Me

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As far back as I can recall, I have been passionate about writing, especially poetry. I always called myself a freelance poet because I just wrote from the heart without limits or stanzas. Whatever I was feeling, I would start to write it down. I still have poems that I wrote when I was much younger. Now I am a wife, mother of four boys and a children's book author...

Meet Anna Florentina Junker

Anna Florentina Junker has been writing and telling stories since she was a young child.

Anna Florentina Junker grew up in Edmonton, AB, Canada. As a child, her favorite pastime was reading, writing, and spending time in nature. Being born with intuitive abilities at times made it overwhelming to be around too many people at once; due to overwhelming many energies around her, she often felt relieved when she could escape into a quiet place with a book.


Born with an ardor for writing poetry and short tales, she got the opportunity to share them with her favorite author, Robert Munsch, at six years old. Anna always knew her life purpose, but she had to undergo a beautiful and bittersweet journey before her writing dream could come true.


Now, Anna lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with her husband, four boys, their beautiful dog Brandy, and their chickens. Anna is a fourth-generation alternative health practitioner and a born Energy Healer with an in-depth background in various healing modalities.

She’s enjoy’s holding classes to help people explore themselves through the elements of nature and the universe, and what better time than now to help children learn about who they were born to be through mother nature herself. Her greatest passion was birthed from becoming a mother, acknowledging that every child wants to be a superhero, and the best way to achieve this is through them becoming the best version of themselves. Science states that children strong in emotional intelligence are the way of the future.


Anna loves being at home, raising her one-year-old twin sons and two older boys, who are the illustrators of Anna’s first book, and no doubt there will be more adventures to come. A few of her passions include reading, writing, going for walks, visiting waterfalls, and enjoying the adventures her spontaneous husband takes their family on.


She is privileged to share her work with a large and welcoming audience. Get in touch to discover more about their work, writing process and future endeavors.