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Zack Makes His Own Luck

"A magical tale with an important message.” Amazon Review 


Every child wants to be a star. Right? 

Zack is very energetic and a creative boy. He lives happily with his family, and he excels at everything he does, but he has a secret which he may tell you only while he sleeps. 


This book delivers positivity and a lesson in luck, perseverance, and self empowerment.  Full of magic and possibilities that both children and adults will enjoy over and over again.

"Creating Emotional Intelligence Through Nature & Story"

I write to inspire young minds with imagination and magic ... 

To create unforgettable stories that will bring out that inner knowledge, connect with nature and bring a smile to the face of every child who reads them.

I am a mom, a wife, a lover of life, nature, & all things natural. I write stories that help children become the best version of themselves by keeping their connection with their inner core and boosting their relationship with nature without external influences.


The Books That Inspire


Zack Makes His Own Luck

March 2021

Zack, a young boy, just like any other. He lives with his family, plays sports, goes to school... But what you do not know is a secret that he keeps.


Shall We Go Adventure?

A Journey To Being You!

October 2020

A poetic and sweet adventure story about exploring nature and communicating with its creatures and the elements of nature to discover the messages about who we are and what possibilities we can achieve.


The Adventure To Self

Activity Book

November 2020

If you enjoyed the calm and warmth of "Shall We Go Adventure?" you will see this little activity book as an opportunity for you and your child to work through a few of the activities that will further their adventure into being.

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A Few Reviews

Great Message!

Zack comes to learn that he creates his own success but putting in the hard work! A great lesson for Zack and all kids!

~ Amazon Customer ~

Encouraging Message

A great book about working hard to achieve your goals and dreams rather than believing in luck. We make our own luck and shouldn't rely on others. Lovely rhyming story.

~ Reens, USA ~

Pure wonder and innocence

Anna Florentina Junker’s book radiates warmth and sweetness and love. Perfect for bedtime for a young child. I wouldn’t be surprised if it inspired dreams in the night. The drawings, by her sons, are done in crayon, clearly childlike, but also very evocative and with a beauty all their own amplifying the wondering and adventuring going on in the narrative. The artwork and story travel lovingly together. Very touching book.

~ Caz, UK ~


Such a unique idea and the journey is so relaxing and thoughtful. Knowing you are being led through by these lovely illustrations and the mind of a child is very motivating and sweet.

~ dustyCar, US ~

MamaBearX4 Blog

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"Your thoughts, no matter how big or small will always be right where you are."

Anna Junker
"Shall We Go Adventure? A Journey To Being You!"

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Building Emotional Intelligence Through Nature & Story!

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